What this Website is About

We are treating this website as a repository of our work over the past 25 years. We will put up posts on mill design, foundation design, Finite Element Analysis, gearless drives, geared drives, crushers, HPGRs, quality assurance, manufacturing, strain gauging, equipment specifications and more.  There will be lots on literature reviews and comments on the claims vendors make about one type of mill or another.  We mustn’t forget the most important topic of all and that’s failure analysis because modern mills actually do and have failed despite what you may have heard or read in the industry blurb.

The website will be structured as a blog with posts on the topics listed above.  They will be categorised with keywords so that you can search and find related posts and maybe build up a better understanding of how we have come to our way of doing things.

We hope you find our website informative and possibly even useful. If not, then you can call us.