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Shell vs Trunnion-Mounted Mills

Shell and trunnion-mounted mills are reviewed. A literature review is presented. Mill vendors’ papers are contradictory and in some cases, it is apparent that the papers or articles highlight the advantages of a particular mill design just because the author works for a company that makes a certain type of mill. Shell-mounted mills are not inherently better or worse than trunnion-mounted mills. It is all matter of proper design choices.


Literature Review – Zen and the Art of Specification Writing

A paper on how to write mill specifications is reviewed. The paper is light on detail required to determine what should and what should not be included in a specification. It also incorrectly assumes that the interests of the owner, the engineering contractor and mill vendor are aligned throughout the procurement process without understanding that only one of these three entities will suffer major losses that can result in loss of the entire company when things go wrong. Owners should invest in training their engineers in the details of mill design and manufacture so they can specify what they want and ensure they get it.